When Drew Julian needed PayPal support for his huge collection of political memorabilia, he faced a daunting task. Weeks of manual HTML page revisions would be required, because each political item needed its own PayPal button, complete with ID and pricing.

His site design was also showing its age as he added more items, becoming involuted and difficult for visitors to navigate.

Worse, the campaign season was heating up, but he wasn't ready. Incessant HTML page creations and revisions were slowing the growth of his business.

Something had to be done, fast!

Instead of interminable HTML pages written by Drew, we developed PHP code to produce his web pages on the fly. We also created PHP code to make it easy to put his items in a database, which could be searched by year, politician, state, and so on.

Want to see buttons featuring Dick Cheney? Looking for presidential candidates from the 70's? No problem -- pages are generated automatically after a database search. The visitor gets what he wants quickly, without slogging through dozens of HTML pages.

Drew never touches the database or even writes HTML any more. Instead, he fills out a few fields in a text editor and uploads that text file to his website.

Our PHP code updates his database, so new items immediately become available to his customers. If it were any easier, Drew might have to downsize himself.

A recent comment from Drew:

"A fellow political item dealer looked at all the political item websites he could find to get some ideas on how to build his. He said mine was far and away the most impressive one he found."