The Oaks is terrific new music venue, 2 miles south of Manor and 20 minutes from Austin. Downright convenient in most towns, but in music-rich Austin, folks need some nudging.

Like most start-ups, The Oaks had a limited budget and no clear idea of what website design would work, or what look they wanted.

They saw a navigation system they liked, based on the control panel of a guitar amplifier. It was crude, but when you made a selection, some amp knob wiggled a little. It was their only visual design requirement.

And since money was tight, could we create a system that would let them update everything easily, avoiding "web guru" fees?

You bet...

Instead of just wiggly amplifier knobs, we emulated the look of a classic Fender tweed amplifer. The "chicken head" knobs move, which music fans always seem to appreciate.

The banner does double-duty, announcing the "band du jour", and allowing folks to sign up for The Oaks Newsletter - a very popular feature.

Our 'piece de resistance' is the calendar, done with custom PHP programming. Each day's entry can also have a link to the band's website, an audio clip, and even an automated reminder that sends an email to subscribers a week before the event.

Also featured is a photo gallery and a "blog", where The Oaks can expound upon their terrific acts.

Update-it-yourself calendar
(Prints nicely on standard paper!)
Calendar, blog, photo galleries -- all updated by folks at The Oaks. Where some websites are designed to require the pricey services of a "web guru", we empower our clients.

Your success is our success...