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What's the big deal about digital?

Digital is different -- taking the shot is only half the process.

Every image we take winds up in Photoshop for density and color correction, plus alignment and cropping. For every hour we shoot, we spend 2-3 hours in Photoshop doing enhancements.

But does Photoshop skill really matter?   Click here, please.

We want photojournalism!

Simple -- just ask your guests to work with us while pretending to ignore us.

Be aware -- candids aren't as predictable or reliable as posed shots. It's often wise to pose those mission-critical images, and then emphasize a more candid approach for other shots.

We prefer B/W.

It takes about 10 seconds in Photoshop to turn a full color digital image into convincing B/W. We'll shoot your wedding in color, and you can choose later which images have more impact in B/W.
How about proofs on the web?

That's a standard part of our better packages, and it's a great way to show you and your guests our work. Images remain on our website for at least 90 days.
Can I get a nice album?

Your wedding photography deserves a fine album, not some shoebox in a closet.

Our recommendation is the "storybook album", also called a "flush-mount album." Using Photoshop to produce "magazine-style" pages, these albums are durable and attractive.

The advantage lies in combining images for effect. Photos are no longer constrained to cookie-cutter sizes like 5x7, and each page can have its own background -- a close-up of brocade on the bride's dress, a sunset, and so on. Text can be added, in a wide variety of fonts.

A flush-mount album doesn't have to cost much more than a traditional album. Multiple images can be digitally laid out on a side, at roughly the same cost as a traditional page mat with inserted prints. In our opinion, the result is 100% better.


Decide early if you want a contemporary wedding album. During your ceremonyg and reception, I'll look for images that will make interesting backgrounds and "spot art" for your album.

Album design has its own set of requirements. Let us know in advance what kind of album you want, even if you decide to delay that expense or want somebody else to design it.