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Most digital images benefit from some post-processing in Photoshop. Areas can be lightened or darkened, wrinkles reduced, blemishes eliminated, and blinking eyes can often be repaired by using open eyes from a similar shot.

Post-processing can takes seconds, or it can hours depending on the importance of the image. This one took a while...

Jennifer, before
Jennifer, after
This "before" image is NOT a mistake. It was underexposed to preserve detail in the bridal gown, and to keep from totally blowing out the trees and sky in the background.
Fill flash was used to lighten up Jennifer and the arch, but not enough to wash out the ambient light. The goal was a "natural" look.
The bricks were lightened and reddened for warmth.
The bridal gown, flowers, and Jennifer were carefully enhanced to preserve detail, and to make Jennifer "pop" from the background.
The dull sky was replaced with a sunset, muted to seem realistic.
Image proportions favored a 2x3 aspect, but the client wanted an 11x14 print. I squashed the arch above Jennifer and stretched the sides a little. The results were totally believable, and the client was delighted.